Historicon 2008: Battle of Hosspoint Landing

The Battle of Hosspoint Landing took place down in the delta region of the Missohtennian River. Hence the low lying terrain. Enjoy the photos!
Hosspoint Landing with the General Bragg, Macon, and Selma behind one of the two batteries. Wharf boat at the landing, with BAY buildings. There was also a David type hidden close to shore just off the port bow of the Selma. The David emerged later in the game, moved about 4 inches, and was caught by two shells fired by Monongahela at 3 inch range. So much for the David.
Federal forces steaming up stream. Leading the pack Monongahela, Galena, Conamaugh, Fanny, Vindicator, Rhode Island, & Star of the West
It just had to come to this!!!!! Webb crashed into Monongahela, ..and Vindicator crashed into Webb. Conamaugh was churning mud creeping by this mess but great dice rolling kept her from going aground!! There were great worries about the resolution of this wonderful traffic jam. As it happened, Webb missed her rolls and scrapped off the side of the Monongahela. Vindicator ALSO missed her rolls and scrapped along the side of Webb. The three ships looked like a nautical sandwich as they scrapped past in opposite directions. On the next turn, Vindicator rammed the port side of Selma, immediately putting her under. Webb on the other hand tried to turn at speed to follow the Federal transports going up the channel.
Webb failed to make a turn and ended up hard aground on a sand bar at the entrance to the east channel. There she remained for the remainder of the game.
Note the tug lashed along side the General Bragg. This tug had no engine, but the gamer lashed her along side so as to protect Bragg from ram attack. Unfortunately, as the Bragg left the landing heading upstream after lashing the tug to her stb side, the gamer placed a right turn chit next to her, taking Bragg straight into the shore. He spent the remainder of the game backing off and getting turned around until this position at the end of the game, not more than a couple hundred yards off her starting point.