Patrick Hreachmack's 3-gun
earth batteries.
NumberAccessory Image SculptorPricePurchase
ACC-001  Two gun earth battery PH  $4.00
ACC-002  Brick water battery, 6-place PH  $6.00
ACC-003  Five side brick battery PH  $2.00
ACC-004  Four piece dock set PH  $8.00
ACC-005  Single Gun Earthwork w/choice of guns PH  $5.00
ACC-006  Mortar Battery PH  $4.00
ACC-007  Brick battery w/bunker PH  $4.00
ACC-008  40 Ft. Observation & Signal Tower PH  $3.00
Out of Stock
as of August/14
ACC-009M  Ships boats (9) GK  $3.00

Out of Stock
as of February 2015
ACC-010  Battery Buchanan (part of
Fort Fisher at Wilmington, NC)
BP  $12.00
ACC-011  Anti-Torpedo Raft for Passaic Class Monitors (metal kit) PH $1.00
Out of Stock
as of August/14
ACC-012  3-gun Earth Battery PH  $4
ACC-013  Ships' Ventilators (8) FW  $3
ACC-014  Fort Jackson (New Orleans, LA) DB    $30
Sold out! Sorry!
ACC-014  Fort St. Phillip (New Orleans, LA) DB    $25
Sold out! Sorry!
FORT DEAL! Fort St. Phillip(New Orleans, LA) AND Fort Jackson (New Orleans, LA) Buy both and save $5! DB    $50
Sold Out! Sorry!
GN-001  32lb on pivots (10 guns) PH  $3
GN-002  12lb Banded Rifle (10 guns) PH  $3
Out of Stock
as of February 2015
GN-003  Dahlgren on Marsilly (10 guns) TE  $3
GN-004  Dahlgren on truck carriage (4 guns) and Dahlgren on pivot mount (6 guns) TE  $3
GN-005  Dahlgren on fortress mount (10 guns) TE  $3
GN-006  Brooke rifle on pivot mount (6 guns) and Brooke rifle on Marsilly (4 guns) TE  $3
GN-007  Parrot rifle on truck carriage (8 guns) and Parrot rifle on small pivot mount (2 guns) TE  $3
GN-008  Short 32 pdr. on Marsilly carriage (6 guns) and Long 32 pdr. on truck carriage (4 guns) TE  $3
GN-009  Seacoast mortars PH  $3

Mast Sets

BAY is pleased to announce our new mast sets. The square rigged sets are complete with bowsprit, three masts, all booms, gaffs, and spars. In addition, the spars and booms have furled sails. Now you can add masts to your models.

Note that many of BAY's more recent models do already have masts included. As we revise our older models, mast sets will be included in the models. Some of the ships have masts which were specific to those ships. Examples include our USS Mississippi side wheel frigate and our USS Pawnee, both of which are undergoing revision as this goes to press.

MAST-1  Fore and Aft set - Use for any gunboats or other vessels. 3 masts in the set, one shorter than the other two, so you will have some variations. PH  $5
MAST-2  Square sail set - Suitable for steam sloops, smaller frigates, and other smaller warships or merchants. PH  $8
MAST-3  Larger square sail set - Suitable for larger frigates, ships of the line, and some European ironclads. PH  $8
Note: When ordering mast sets, please identify the specific model upon which you will use the mast set. Doing so will allow us to assist you with the appropriate mast set. Should you wish to equip a ship having more than 3 masts, you may want to order an extra mast set of the same type.
SA = Scott Abbott
DB = Dave Brandon
GB = Glenn Broome
LE = Larry Enoch
PH = Patrick Hreachmack
GK = George Kettler
ST = Steve Taylor
RP = Bob Pottle
FW = Frank Whitaker
TE = Hreachmack, Whitaker, Kettler, Bernie Sanz, and Tom Benedict

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