Affondatore and Re d'Italia
NumberShipType Image SculptorPricePurchase
HIT-001  Re d'Italia (2)Broadside ironclad ST  $8.00
HIT-002  AffondatoreTurret ram ST  $8.00
HIT-003  Regina Maria Pia (4)Broadside ironclad ST  $8.00
HIT-004  Formidabile (2) Broadside ironclad ST  $8.00
HIT-005  Principe di Carignano (3)Broadside ironclad ST  $8.00
HIT-006  Palestro (2)Central battery gunboat ST  $8.00
The number in parens = number in class
SA = Scott Abbott
GB = Glenn Broome
LE = Larry Enoch
PH = Patrick Hreachmack
GK = George Kettler
ST = Steve Taylor
FW = Frank Whitaker

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