Rod Langton - Manufacturer of 1/1200 ACW ironclads and many other fine models
   Peter Pig - Manufacturer of 1/600 resin ACW models

ACW Links of Interest

   Ironclads and Blockade Runners
   Port Columbus Civil War Naval Museum
   Confederate Navy Research Center
   Maksim Smelchak'S 6mm-Minis blog
   Archiv Klaus Kramer - Ironclads - the Floating Fortresses of the American Civil war

Online stores

   Brookhurst Hobbies - Seller of Peter Pig miniatures and many other figures and rules
   Last Square - Seller of Coal & Iron, Ironclad, Iron and Fire and other rules, and many ranges of ship miniatures
   Scale Specialties - Seller of Manuscripts, Markings, and many ranges of ship miniatures

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