Pat Hreachmack's
Merchant Brig

Pat Hreachmack's
Merchant Brigantine (brig hull)

Pat Hreachmack's
Coaling Schooner

Merchant Ships
HMR-1  CometLarge clipper LE  $8.00
HMR-2  400 ton
merchant brig
Sailing brig LE  $5.00

Out of Stock
as of May '14
HMR-3 Coaling/supply schooner (metal kit) Merchant PH  $5.00

Out of Stock
as of May '14
HMR-4  Raft/Barge Set (4 items) Raft PH  $5.00
HMR-6 Jefferson City Centerline paddlewheel ferryboat PH$7.00
Out of Stock as of 8/14
The number in parens = number in class
SA = Scott Abbott
GB = Glenn Broome
LE = Larry Enoch
PH = Patrick Hreachmack
GK = George Kettler
ST = Steve Taylor
FW = Frank Whitaker

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