Patrick Hreachmack's
Rolf Krake
NumberShipTypeImage Sculptor Price
HDE-001  DanmarkBroadside ironclad ST  $8.00
HDE-002  Peder SkramBroadside ironclad ST  $7.00
HDE-003  Rolf Krake
Turret ironclad LE  $6.00
Ottoman Empire
HOT-001  OsmaniehBroadside ironclad ST  $8.00
HPE-001  HuascarSeagoing monitor ST  $6.00
HPE-002  IndependenciaBroadside ironclad ST  $7.00
Other Nations
HON-001  Nemo's Nautilus Submarine PH  $9.00
The number in parens = number in class
SA = Scott Abbott
GB = Glenn Broome
LE = Larry Enoch
PH = Patrick Hreachmack
GK = George Kettler
ST = Steve Taylor
FW = Frank Whitaker

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