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Bay Area Yards offers high quality, 1/600-scale ship models depicting vessels from the early ironclad era (approx. 1850-1875), as well as certain related accessories such as buildings, gun installations and batteries, small boats and rafts.

In the past, Bay Area Yards, (or "BAY" for short), offered individually hand-cast hard resin models. While the majority of our older models are still individually hand- cast, nearly all of our newer models are now cast in white metal, a form of pewter. Our kits are nicely detailed, highly durable, and are easy to complete. They can be painted, super-detailed and are suitable for display, wargaming or both. Our newer models now include white metal artillery, boats, ventilators, and masts where these are appropriate to the kit. Photos on our web site will demonstrate how our models may be completed. A number of our customers have used etched brass parts such as railings, to additionally enhance their models.

Originally, we offered resin hulls without masts. This is rapidly changing as more of older BAY kits are being re-mastered with white metal masts and other parts now included. The newer kits have white metal artillery, masts, and other parts where appropriate. As we continue to revise and remaster our older kits, BAY is pleased to now offer a selection of mast sets with furled sails. Thus you have a choice of purchasing mast sets for your models or constructing your own masts for those vessels where the BAY masts might not be appropriate. Mast sets are available in both fore & aft rig, and in square rig formats. As the BAY square rigged mast sets have the spars/sails cast separately from the mast, you can very easily set the masts up to be bark rigged by leaving off the appropriate spars. The BAY mast sets are located on the Accessories Page.

Turn-around time for your order is typically quite fast. Shipping is generally done via priority mail, but other methods can be used, if necessary. We hope that you will give our models a try. We aim to satisfy, and we would be more than happy to work with you in putting together an order for a single ship or an entire fleet. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to have a look around our website.

We are constantly in the process of expanding our product line, with the help of a team of volunteer shipbuilders and researchers from across the United States, Canada and the UK. Got a request? Let us know! We are in this business because we love it. Enthusiasts and novices alike are welcome! As many satisfied customers will also testify, we also are very willing to assist our customers with ideas or concepts how to enhance your modeling efforts.

Thanks for your continued support.

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  • USS Lexington available on the Union page
  • USS Tyler available on the Union page
  • USS Conestoga available on the Union page
  • Fort St. Phillip and Fort Jackson added to the Accessories page


  • USS Mississippi available on the Union page
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  • Added Historicon 2008 Battle of Hosspoint Landing pictures
  • USS Forest Rose is now a metal kit! This useful little kit can stand in for 8 -12 other similar tinclads!
  • New Kit! USS Reliance now available! Added to Union page
  • Added Buildings page with 5 new buildings to product area
  • New Kit! USS Satellite now available!
  • Added Patrick Hreachmack's USS Satellite gallery
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Historicon 2011: Pictures!

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